Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vanity of Vanities

“What is the way to happiness?” He pondered on this each day.
In all his wisdom, all his knowledge he could not find the way.

“How can one be happy?” He just couldn’t understand.
“I’ve got more gold, more silver, than any in the land.”

“I will make myself happy! My patience is wearing thin.
I shall indulge in many pleasures, even those of sin.”

He had a thousand lovers. More than any man that’s true,
but still he was unhappy, and his hatred for life grew.

Devastated, spirit torn, in anguish and defeat,
the master cried “O Lord, dear God, my life’s just not complete!”

… Still trying to remember an old poem I wrote in 7th grade. This is about half of it.


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