Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chairs, Sadly, Darkness

Chairs filled the auditorium. There was no light except for the spotlight on the stage. Sadly no great crowd had gathered to see her speak. The chairs were mostly empty and there was an eerie echo bouncing off the back wall.

Her voice shook as she tried to remember all it was that she was supposed to say. She hated reading her speeches because of the way her voice when into a higher pitch like that of a cartoon character. It was not her own and it was not serious.

Maybe it was a good thing that the crowd had not showed up. Less people to see the debacle this would be. Now, where were those words.

“Parents, Teachers, and students. It is my pleasure to introduce you to this year’s revolutionary mega theme. Paperless books. E-textbooks for every student.”

A smattering of applause. About 30 claps. Mostly from 2 people. She gulped as she tried to remember the benefits of her proposal.

So, that was my 5 minute writing exercise. The title is the three words I was given to work with. I didn’t watch the clock, so that may have been only 3 minutes. The idea was that you can create a story quickly if you just start writing and write fast. 

It started off okay, but not sure where it was going. I may try one of these again another day. I guess I never used the word “darkness” either. I did say “no light.” Does that count?


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