Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A prayer from Psalm 1:1-2

Father, you promised that those who do not follow the advice of the wicked would be blessed. Right now, it seems the advice of the wicked is coming from every direction. My computer, my television, my radio, my political leaders, my conversations with others. Teach me, Lord, to seek your wisdom first each day, last each day, and throughout each day. Help me by reminding me to make your voice more prominent than any other in my daily intake. You said “My sheep know my voice.” Teach me to listen for you.

Put me on a new path, not the same one everyone else follows. We all seem to be drifting downstream with the world and it affects our every thought. Teach me to swim against the flow like a strong and health river salmon. You promised that those who overcome and keep your word to the end would rule the nations. Teach me, and teach your church to overcome by the word and the blood of the lamb, so that we might have dominion when the morning comes.

Now, more than ever in my life, I am subjected to the scorn of mockers. They laugh at you. They say there is no God. They say “Where is he? Why doesn’t he answer?” They refuse to open their eyes to see your miraculous works for men, and refuse to believe that Jesus is the resurrected Lord. I am discouraged when my preaching falls on the deafened ears of mockers. I am intimidated and nearly silenced. Then I remember that your Spirit is in me. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Teach me to boldly proclaim your word to the mockers of this world.

I love your word. I yearn to hear it, to study it, to live it, and to proclaim it. Day and night I want to learn, obey, and teach your word. My confession is that I do not organize my day each day to have sufficient time with your scriptures. The result is haphazard; floods and famines. I am not wandering in a desert from oasis to oasis, but rather I have a spring of living water within me and copies of  your scriptures all around me.  My commitment is to daily read and meditate, so that I might learn them all by heart and live them out each day.

Thank you for this life of mine, it is yours.



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