Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a little story space

This blog “Café com Leitura” (if you know Portuguese you get it), is just a blank space for me to write stories or post recorded told stories. Some will be good, many will be average-at-best, and some will be just a waste of space. This should be a lot of fun.
These are my planned categories, so far:

  • Short Stories – Just short stories with no particular theme.
  • Bible Stories – Stories from the Bible, pure and unbroken as they are in the Bible, but in my own words.
  • Bible Based Stories – Composite stories put together from several Bible passages.
  • Bible Inspired Stories – Stories that draw from scripture as inspiration, but are not Bible stories.
  • Told Stories – Recorded Audio stories.
  • Mapped Stories – Stories with a hand-drawn map to accompany.
  • Chapters – If I ever get to writing something longer than a short story, it will be in chapter form here.
  • Poems – I doubt I will do much of this or be good at it, but why not try?
  • Borrowed Stories – Stories that I’ve found here or there that I liked and had permission to repost.
  • Portuguese – Sometimes I will post a story in Portuguese.


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